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From routine check ups to small white fillings, we’ll show you how to address your current dental problems and take steps to avoid them from affecting your health.

Young smiles deserve great care too. We love kids and provide gentle, enjoyable visits to keep your child’s smile healthy well into adulthood.

From technical root canal treatments to wisdom tooth extractions, our team of friendly staff are here to help.

Learn to take care of your teeth in an interactive and fun environment

The best way to learn is a hands on approach to form good dental hygiene practices

Used to capture images of the interior of your teeth and gums to help identify problems like cavities, tooth decay and impacted teeth

Visiting Schools And Childcare Centres

Our team specialises in treating children and is ready to go places in our Smyla Mobile Dental vehicle. We will come to your kindergarten or learning centre to educate young children about good dental hygiene practices in simple yet informative and interactive ways (with dental check ups after). Because we know children learn best when they are having fun!

The Smyla Interactive Session is designed to include fun activities to educate the importance of Oral Health and diet. These sessions importantly cover techniques for toothbrushing and flossing, and also the importance of drinking clean water and eating fresh fruits.

The second half of the session is designed for Q&A with the adult audience, with topics such as dummies, bottle feeding and oral health products to be discussed. Our dental professionals will also discuss common mistakes most parents would make regarding their child’s oral health.

Visiting Retirement Homes

We also bring our Smyla Mobile Dental vehicle to retirement and nursing homes to give the elderly easy access to dental check ups. Our service looks after the aging community that reside in Aged Care Centres who often lack dental care and are immobile, making going to the dentist an inconvenience. We are able to look after their oral health and educate carers with their oral hygiene routine assistance, hence helping our aging communities maintain their quality of life in terms of eating and appearance.

Our vision is to look after our future generation that will be preserving the local community as they grow up as well as our aging generation to show our appreciation for setting up this safe and lovely community for us to live in. 

How We Deliver Our Services

Smyla’s certified equipment and technology provides safe and convenient access to oral health care to your facility and students. Our friendly and caring team would provide a fun, safe and enjoyable experience for all our patients.

Infection control is enforced and designed according to Australian Dental Association standards. Key sterilisation machineries are installed to provide sterilised and sealed dental equipment to our dental practitioners.

Smyla Mobile Dental Suite

Smyla Go! (portable)

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